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Slide Business is always harder
when you’re doing it alone
Join GMC today and get the guidance you need to build a
profitable business quickly and efficiently, alongside experts
who can drive your business forward, giving you more time
to focus on what you do best.

Slide In fact, didn’t you start your business to work less?
To spend more time with your loved ones and do
more of the things you actually enjoy? Yet here you
are, working 80 hours a week, trying to juggle
marketing, sales, admin and all the other business
activities you hate while scrambling to deliver your
product or service.
You don’t have to ‘hustle-hard’
to run a successful business

Slide Which of course leads to burn-out and eventually an
empty bank account. The key is to build relationships
with the right people: coaches, contractors and other
entrepreneurs who can lighten the load and support
you on your business journey.
The problem is you’re trying to do
the work of ten people when
you only have two hands.
Join GMC today

From just £40 a month you will gain access to tailored business support,
expert advice, events and workshops to help you tackle the hard parts of
business, so you can have the ultimate work/lifebalance.


“Through collaborating with the club we have moved on leaps and bounds, thank you
to Steve and the team for all of their continued support and guidance.”

Garrick Hedges, HKUK Support

Three simple ways to grow

your business with ease

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Take the guesswork out of
running your business. We’ll
teach you everything you
need to know, from setting up
limited company to getting
funding for your enterprise
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Team up with pre-vetted
experts in marketing, sales, 
accounting and more so you
can finally let go of the tasks
you hate 
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Discuss ideas, pinpoint
problems and create an
action plan to finally get your
business running smoothly

Ready to take your business

to dizzying new heights?


And let’s talk about your business. We’ll take the time to get to know you, discuss
ideas and point your business in the right direction.


There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to building a successful business.
Whatever your budget, we have a package to suit your needs.


Remember you only get out what you put in. If you attend our workshops,
collaborate with other members and listen to your coach you’ll be running
a successful business in no time
We’re international

How we’ve helped our members

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From the moment I met
Steve and the team I knew
I was in the right place.
The advice and structure they
have offered me has made such
a difference to how I perceive
myself and my business and
it is a pleasure to get
involved with the events

Ian Wherry,
Smarter Purchasing
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Working with GMC has been a tremendous
help in accelerating our business journey.
We are a team of highly specialised
consultants who deliver exceptional results
for our clients. What we lacked in was
turning this into a successful business model.
We already had a few loyal clients but
wanted to take it to the next step. GMC
has helped us understand the business
landscape, map out our goals and
objectives, and implement a plan for
future success. The GMC team brings
many years of experience in sales,
marketing, organisation, strategy and
finance that we were lacking. We are
looking forward to the next steps
in our corporate journey.

Zeneesha Team

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Geeves have given us new ideas
on how to grow our business
through strategy and marketing
and have also introduced new
formulas on how to run the
company. We got into some bad
habits that were holding us back
but with their amazing support
we've been able to get ourselves
back on track

Quiller Hawkins,
Wildfire Energy
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I can highly recommend
joining the Mastermind group
& using it to its full potential.
it quite literally picked me
off the floor and got me
up and running again

Lyndsy Sword ,
Wolf Law
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Thanks to Steve and the GMC
team I've been able to keep
working on my dream of having
my own business. if it wasn't for
their support, I would have
given up ages ago. having a
business isn't easy, but being
part of the club takes
a lot of that pain away

Lucrecia Palladino,
Lucreative Ltd
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Steve and the club have been
very welcoming. they've given
business owners, including myself,
opportunities to collaborate while
obtaining valuable advice and
direction to develop their business.
It's s pleasure to be part of the
Geeves mastermind club at
this time when businesses and
individuals need so much
help and support.

Rayne Milligan,
Sustainability VA
Great causes we support

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